Hello World! (I didn’t see anything wrong with this title, if it ain’t broke then why change it eh?)

So apparently this is my very first post?!  Okay then here goes.  Why did I start this blog you may wonder? You probably already have a pretty strong inclination that its going to be about a journey, a journey to the top, a journey to be successful right? Well yes, it is in a way, but i’m also writing this blog to give myself a bit of motivation.  You see, I have this burning desire inside of me, I feel that I could do anything that I want to put my mind to.  I can see myself with no money worries, nice house, nice family, want for nothing, help out all my friends, etc etc etc. I could go on but I would end up sounding like an arrogant git (excuse the turn of language).  Anyway you get the point, I feel I could be doing more with my life then I am at present.  Like I said I have this burning desire to succeed but I also find I can be quite lazy and I do a lot of sitting back.  So in a way i’m going to use this blog to push my self and to motivate myself, but also to push other people and to motivate others because I know i’m not alone out there.  I know that i’m not the only person that wants to succeed and do well but has this lazy side creeping through that reduces our ability to push ourselves beyond our limits.  We are all capable of greatness, We are all capable of achieving our goals and We are all capable of getting whatever it is we want out of life, We just need to push ourselves.

So Stay tuned, follow, give feedback, do whatever you want to do!

I’ll try to update this as often as possible.

Here Goes.